Austin TX SXSW 2014!

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what is sxsw festival

South x Southwest is a great platform for the most known artists as well as the up an coming and underground artists to get a LOT of exposure.  Could very easily be the place where a completely new artist gets discovered. This was my second year being a part of the sxsw free shows.  I had a blast performing, networking, passing out mixtapes and selling my Blasian Bag Merchandise. I even got noticed as one of the few Japanese female rappers.

japanese female rappers

Shella backpacks

Blasian Bags!

People always ask me if I get nervous about performing. Not really but this time I was a little nervous because it was my first time performing my new song TELL ME in front of a crowd.  It went well ^_^

Another thing people always ask is what I’m mixed with.  So anytime u hear me rhyme its da Blasian Chick!!

If u havn’t DL’d my free mixtape yet u should.  13 original songs !!  Also, DL TELL ME on itunes, googlepay, amazon, etc. Video coming soon!