#TheGeishaExperience !

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The Wait is over! Every1 that has been asking me when I’m going to release some music for the past year.. HERE IT IS! I took my time with this and I have video’s for half the songs on it so I plan to shoot a few more video’s then release a video mix! I don’t like calling it a ‘mixtape’ when all but one song on it is ORIGINAL. I call it my Underground Album !  What a great 2013 so far.. I’ve released a single ‘I NEED A B****,” a few video’s and now I have my underground album online… ^_^ Feeling the Momentum! So I give u 12 songs for free. and ask that u download my single on itunes.  Shout out to DJ Kayotik for putting it together for me.  The literal translation of the word ‘GEISHA’ is: ENTERTAINER in Japanese.. I break it down like this:

“G”- GOT


“I”- IN